G-Max FlushingSystem Produces high peformance with low water consumption by an extra-wide, 3" flush valve that doubles the flow of water into the bowl, and a powerful siphon jet whisks away waste with only a 1.6 gallon flush.
Double-Cyclone Flushing System Maximizes the cleaning power of water in the flush by creating a cyclone effect around the bowl when you flush.
Dual Max Flushing System Allows you to choose between a 1.6 gallon flush or a 0.9 gallon flush for water conservation without comprimising performance.
Sanagloss™ The gloss on the finish helps prevent debris from sticking to the bowl, which cuts down on particles, molds, and bacteria that build.
Skirted Design The base of the toilet is a covered, meaning the drain is not visable. This allows for easier cleaning and a sleaker design.
Universal Height A comfort height that ranges between 30" and 32".
ADA The height of the toilet meets the requirements for handicapped accessibility.